About Us

AQUACLINIC is a most empowerd healthcare products company with a vision to make the world a healthy and a happy place. Pioneers in bringing the revolutionary purification process to malabar arena. AQUACLINIC started its operations from calicut,India in 2004. AQUACLINIC assures good health by providing safe and pure drinking water through its wide range of advanced & latest technologies.Our tested and certified technologies treat numerous water conditions.Our mission is to Guarantee Health ! and the cause is supported by an association whom used & delivered products in premium quality. Our begining was in 2004 and focusing our operations mainly in malabar region,also we have the same technology and equipments that are used in the developed countries like USA,UK,CANADA etc. We have undertaken and successfully installed many advanced water purifying technologies in malabar region in an economical manner.For the same reason all our customers are happy and satisfied,So all the credit for our growth completely belongs to our valuable customers.